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Muscle Energy Technique

Muscle energy is an active technique used to reposition a dysfunctional joint and treat the surrounding muscles. 

Strain/Counter Strain

 A physical therapist utilizing strain/counterstain techniques will look for specific “tender points” in the body that indicates which fascial structure is involved.

Obesity and thinness

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Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a physical therapy technique utilizing hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

 Soft tissue mobilization is a hands-on therapeutic technique that is designed to restore mechanical movement and increase range of motion by releasing tension within fascia

Joint Mobilization

Physical therapists will use these manual mobilization techniques when joint structures are somehow limiting the normal motion (i.e. sliding, pivoting, etc)

Physical therapy

Physical therapy

is the first choice for treating the musculoskeletal disorders like (back pain – traction – disk – scoliosis – rehabilitation – shockwave – tennis elbow – sports injuries – orthopaedic physical therapy- anterior cruciate ligament injuries – spinal traction, etc)

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